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  1. Barsaati / Our Share of the Sky

    2017 /15 minutes / Short Fiction / Hindi

    Synopsis: On a cold night, two men encounter their sleepless thoughts. 

    Familiar fears kindle new words on their faces. The film witnesses them talking,

    between the noise living in buildings, and the silence of the sky.

    Role: Director, Writer, Sound Designer

  2. Director’s Statement

    Our existence, I believe, is altered depending on the space we inhabit. Space changes our relationship with the universe and how we understand and place ourselves in it. In cities, where this relationship is strained the most, one cannot help but wonder if modernity has taken over everything that we have ever considered essential for our very being. If it has, then, is there a way to reconcile with the present and still find beauty in the darkest of times?

    The film raises such questions as on a cold winter night, two men sit on a park bench. They exist in the silences, just as the Barsaati exists between the protection of a home and the mysterious vastness of the sky.