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  1. Small-Time Cinema

    2022 /28 minutes / Documentary / Hazargi, Assamese


    Small-Time Cinema is a documentary about two groups of Youtube filmmakers—one in Hazara Town in Quetta, Pakistan; the other in Sipajhar in Assam, India, respectively. Though they are inspired by Bollywood, they aspire to make their films in their native languages and about their own communities and problems. Despite the financial restraints and holding identities that are continuously attacked and marginalised, with their humour and wit, the two groups strive to make films—even if that’s for their tiny audience on the internet. 

    Through the film, we wish to understand how the idea of a ‘national identity’ is challenged by their films. ‘Small Time Cinema’ is a celebration of these groups, who are making space for their complex history and cultures, beyond a blanket ‘Indian or Pakistani identity’ only.

    Role: Director, Editor, Researcher, Producer, Sound Recordist